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Of Fadil and GOT

I don't think I mentioned when I posted my two Fadil stories that they came about as a result of friends telling me about the characters in GOT , how they were all shades of grey. I decided to try to create a morally ambiguous character and Fadil was the result.

Nowadays, I watch GOT and find it fun (the time travel is giving me a headache), but I vastly prefer heroes I can admire.



As for Fadil, I don't think he's last 5 minutes in GOT!

What next to post?

Please vote and help me choose what next to post out of my collection that is waiting. All votes are gratefully received. If you can think of a story posted only on here and not in the archives that you like, feel free to suggest that.

What should the story should I post next be about?

Arathorn and baby Aragorn
The birth of Farawyn
Faramir and a blue bowl
The Prancing Pony


I was reading some drabbles here on Tolkien Weekly about Denethor and Finduilas, which got me discussing the topic with a friend about why she died and did Denethor love her.

This is what Tolkien says

'When Denethor became Steward (2984) he proved a masterful lord, holding the rule of all things in his own hand. He said little. He listened to counsel, and then followed his own mind. He had married late (2976), taking as wife Finduilas, daughter of Adrahil of Dot Amroth. She was a lady of great beauty and gentle heart, but before twelve years had passed she died. Denethor loved her, in his fashion, more dearly than any other, unless it were the elder of the sons that she bore him. But it seemed to men that she withered in the guarded city, as a flower of the seaward vales set upon a barren rock. The shadow in the east filled her with horror, and she turned her eyes ever south to the sea that she missed.
'After her death Denethor became more grim and silent than before, and would sit long alone in his tower deep in thought, foreseeing that the assault of Mordor would come in his time. It was afterwards believed that needing knowledge, but being proud, and trusting in his own strength of will, he dared to look in the palantír of the White Tower.

To me "loved her in his fashion," doesn't sound like a great love. I think love came hard to Denethor and he wanted to own those he cared for. I think he was kind to Finduilas, but rather domineering.

My own theory as to why Finduilas died is that sea longing and depression wore her down and made her easy prey for some mundane illness or disease.

I don't think her death had anything to do with Faramir's birth or a later stillborn child. I think if Denethor had blamed Faramir for killing his mother, he would have mentioned it in their bitter exchanges. In my head canon, Faramir with his sensitive nature, reminds Denethor of Finduilas. I also give him her eyes and hands.

In my personal head canon, she might have lived had she been sent to Dol Amroth when her health started to decline.

Being British, and living on an island, I believe sea longing is real(though certainly not fatal), as many Britains feel melancholy if they cannot visit the sea at regular intervals.

What do others think? I thought this might be a fun topic to discuss.

Tales after Dinner

B2MeM Challenge; Storytelling, original character, canon character. A canon character tells a story about an original character.
Format: Short story
Genre: Friendship
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Characters: Aragorn, Faramir, OMCS
Pairings: Aragorn/Arwen, OMC/OFC
Summary: Aragorn reminisces about his first visit to Harad. 
The characters are the property of the Tolkien Estate. No profit has been nor will be made from this story.
A/n; Fadil’s time with Aragorn is told from the merchant’s point of view in “A Gift of Tongues” and his adventures in the desert are told in “Desert Skies”.

A revised version of a story posted here a year ago

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A few photos

Here are my latest photos, mainly of flowers with a few of the ginger boys. Some are taken on my old camera as I'd mislaid my usual one. I've found it now.

I've had a hectic few days and am now hoping for a bit of peace to work on my latest story. At least it is cool, thank Goodness!

The litter box photo is of Harry's latest escapade, taking all the clean tray liners and putting them in his box! You can also see him "help" my cleaning lady.The grey cat is Penny, who belongs to friends.




Writing MEME

Seen on lignota 's LJ.

It looks fun so thought I'd play.

Hope you'll ask me some questions. Just give me a letter(s).

A: How did you come up with the title to [insert fic]?

B: Any of your stories inspired by personal experience?

C: What character do you identify with most?

D: Is there a song or a playlist to associate with [insert fic]?

E: If you wrote a sequel to [insert fic], what would it be about?

F: Care to share a favorite hurt/comfort fic?

G: Care to share a favorite crack fic?

H: How would you describe your style?

I: Do you have a guilty pleasure in fic (reading or writing)?

J: Write or describe an alternative ending to [insert fic].

K: What's the angstiest idea you've ever come up with?

L: What's the weirdest AU you've ever come up with?

M: Got any premises on the back burner that you'd care to share?

N: Is there a fic you wish someone else would write (or finish) for you?

O: How do you begin a story--with the plot, or the characters?

P: Are you what George R. R. Martin would call an "architect" or a "gardener"? (How much do you plan in advance, versus letting the story unfold as you go?)

Q: Do you have any discarded scenes/storylines/projects?

R: Are there any writers (fanfic or otherwise) you consider an influence?

S: Any fandom tropes you can't resist?

T: Any fandom tropes you can't stand?

U: A pairing you might like to write for, but haven't tried yet.

V: A secondary (or underrated) character you want to see more of in fic?

W: Do you like more general prompts, or more specific ones?

X: A character you enjoy making suffer.

Y: A character you want to protect.

The Great Escape


The Great Escape – by Linda Hoyland

Rated PG

These characters belong to Tolkien and his heirs. This story is written to entertain, not for financial profit.

Aragorn and Faramir's hunting trip is disrupted.

With thanks to Deandra.

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A/n. Written for the Teitho contest – Escape- where it was placed 3rd.

Ginger boys

Both my boys together


This tail amazes me!

I'm baffled someone made this photo a favourite on Flickr!


Harry's latest escapade is to scatter half a packet of litter tray liners in his box. They have both just shared some fish with me.


May Teitho Challenge

Teitho: May challenge "Anonymity"
Mon Apr 25, 2016 8:15 am (PDT) . Posted by: mirach_ravaia
Anonymity is one of the important aspects of Teitho, and has a role in Tolkien's stories as well. And so it shall be our May theme. Thanks to Idhren for the suggestion!

Aragorn had to spend much of his life in a disguise, without revealing his name - not even knowing his true name until adulthood. It must have been hard, to keep his name and linage secret for all the time, end entrusting it to only a selected few. But then he became a king, and suddenly anonymity may have became a desired relief from the court and a nostalgic reminder of the old times.

While the theme seems to be made for Aragorn, Legolas could have a need of anonymity as well. Maybe the prince of Greenwood (or later Ithilien) wanted to try the life of a simple guard or servant just for a while, or got into a situation where revealing his name would put him in danger.

But it's not a requirement for Aragorn or Legolas to be anonymous in your story. It can be someone entirely else. An anonymous admirer, for example...

The deadline for this challenge is May 25th, but can be extended until the end of the month. If you need an extension to finish your story or picture, just write to the email below!

For writers: send your stories to teitho.contest@gmail.com mailto:teitho.contest@gmail.com. The contest is anonymous and the story can't be posted publicly until the results of the challenge are announced. Aragorn or Legolas don't have to be main characters, but at least one of them must be mentioned in the story.

For artists: Submit your picture into the Teitho gallery folder of Arda-Inspired http://arda-inspired.deviantart.com/ at deviantArt. The picture should be new, drawn specifically for the challenge. State that you are submitting it to the contest in the artist's comments.

Happy writing and drawing!
Your Teitho-moderator,
Mirach http://mirachravaia.deviantart.com/

Interesting article

I intend to watch "GOT" all being well, but it could never compare to LOTR to me. I like characters I can admire as a good example.


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